We Help People Stay Active Healthy and Independent, without Surgery or pain pills… Even if You’ve Been Told You Are Just Getting Old!

About Us

Are you someone that has TRIED EVERYTHING and not found the health solution or PAIN RELIEF you were looking for? Have you been let down by chiropractor, physical therapist or even your doctor?
Do you feel like you are slowing down and you are not ready to accept what other people say… “that you are getting old, and pain, stiffness and missing out on life is just part of getting older?”
Maybe your doctor has just told you to take pain pills or told you need surgery to fix your problem.

Are you 40+ and looking for natural, long lasting relief from pain and stiffness. Are you looking to get and stay active well into your Golden Years? You may or may not know that Specialist Physical Therapy advice IS your BEST option to find answers to your problem. You’re about to ENJOY the same transformation in your health as thousands of others who have been able to get ACTIVE faster than they ever thought possible.
To hear inspiring stories of hope for a future without being controlled by pain and stiffness, as well people that didn’t listen to friends and family when they said “what do you expect.. you are just getting older.” please go ahead and click the ORANGE button on this page.

What will you learn when you do download the FREE REPORT and , listen to real stories from real clients? You will learn…

• Why you’re NOT alone if you’ve been given advice to REST or “just do some exercises” or “you just need to walk more.”

• Why our clients find almost instant RELIEF… and all because they’ve found a Physical Therapy Clinic that DOES “hands-on” style treatment that involves Soft Tissue Work, Mobility Treatment, Massage, Stretching and Joint Manipulation, which really do make a difference FAST…

• WHO exactly goes and what kind of CULTURE really exists at Natural Fit Therapy…

• The “Secret Weapons” that create an EXPERIENCE unlike anywhere else in the Physical Therapy Industry. And why we often have clients that are “SAD” to say “good bye” when their pain is gone and treatment has ended…

• Why “skepticism” about starting Physical Therapy exists largely because of poor attitudes and how, without our option to TALK TO A SPECIALIST PT ON THE PHONE FIRST, some clients would never have made it through the front door in the first place (…and would still be suffering now)

• Why no-one leaves un-happy and how it’s all to do with what we “SAY” (and offer), as much as what we do…

Plus, because we want you to make the BEST decision about Physical Therapy, without feeling rushed or pressured into booking, we’d like to give you a Complimentary SPECIAL REPORT.
It’s written exclusively for our next clients like you written by the owner Ryan, and has been in the making since 2010. He’s done it by compiling questions he’s been asked about Physical Therapy by clients, who were once just like you… struggling to enjoy their health and considering trying Physical Therapy, but just wanted to know a bit more about your pain first and how Physical Therapy fits in the mix before confirming an appointment to see a specialist.
It really helps YOU make the BEST decision. The one that ensures you find a Physical Therapist that is “just right for you”. Maybe that’s what type of information you came looking for in the first place?
You can see ALL the real life stories AND get your Complimentary Special Report from Ryan, to help you make the best decision, when you click here:

Meet the Therapists

Ryan Seifert


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Ryan Seifert is a well-known Physical Therapist in Austin, TX and is Owner of Natural Fit Therapy, one of the fastest growing clinics in North Austin. Ryan and his team specialize in helping people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s+ who want to stay healthy, active, and independent.

Ryan is a former college athlete and a leading pitcher for his University of Redlands baseball team. After his time at Redlands he went on to graduate school to earn his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Chapman University in Orange, California. Not only did he learn the foundations that make him such a great PT, he found the love of his life and now wife Laura. Laura herself is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a member of the Natural Fit Therapy team. The Seifert family live happily in North Austin with their little boys Nathan and Caleb.

Ryan specializes in balance and fall prevention as well as treatment of back pain in older adults. Ryan and his team are the preferred therapy providers for the Conservatory Independent Senior Living Facility, Atria Senior Living, and Lake Travis Independent Living where in addition to Natural Fit Therapy’s main clinic in North Austin, residents at these facilities can receive second to none help from The Natural Fit team without having to leave their home.

Christa Ordonez


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Christa is a Doctor in Physical Therapy and a comprehensively licensed Pilates Instructor. She has treated side-by-side with world renowned spinal surgeons in a specialty spine based physical therapy clinic in Dallas for 5 years.

Through her experiences, she has seen limitations in our spine leads to all our common physical ailments: neck pain, low back pain, shoulder pain and even hip pain. She is excited to share her wealth of knowledge and teach others how movement can help the body recover and heal. What’s even better, movement can prevent and reduce the chance of injury or re-injury.

When she’s not working, she spends most of her time with her husband and 3 children singing, dancing, biking, hiking, being in the water, and exploring all the beauty and yummy food Austin has to offer.

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Who We Treat

At Natural Fit Therapy- We Specialize in helping people in their 40s, 50s, 60, and even into 70s plus.

The people that come to see us, love to be active and want to stay on the go. And they want to feel BETTER and see results fast,… and.. when they aren’t sure about something…… they like being able to ask questions and get more information.

The people in our Natural Fit community want to get back to playing with their kids and grandkids and they simply don’t want to deal with pain or fear of falling every time they do it.

They aren’t happy with the limited options that they’ve been given; like pain killers, injections or surgery and they’re looking for proven, all-natural, long lasting solutions.

Many of our clients have pain that is keeping them from enjoying life but many of our clients are more concerned with their balance and fear of falling. We have balance specialist that have developed programs to help people improve their balance and confidence to enjoy life again. Be sure to look for Gail’s story after downloading the Free FAQ Report above.



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We use a hands-on approach to treatment including soft tissue massage, joint mobilization, and joint manipulation to decrease pain, facilitate faster healing and restore function.


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With the use of acupuncture needles we are able to relieve painful muscle spasms and tension associated with a variety of conditions.


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Whether you are in PAIN want to improve your tennis game or you just want to be able to get out of a low couch more easily. Addressing weakness in your specific muscles can help relieve pain and get you back to enjoying the things you love to do.

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Balance Training

Whether you have had a fall before or you want to make sure you never do...Our balance specialist can help you improve your balance and get back to doing the things you love without the fear of falling.

Our Mission & Philosophy

  • We Take the Time to Listen

  • All Natural Treatments- No Pain Pills or Injections

  • Help People Make Healthy Decisions

  • Personalized 1 on 1 Hands On Manual Therapy

  • Better Outcomes and Faster Results

  • You Are Part of The Family

What People Say About Natural Fit Therapy

Roger (80’s)

“I was fortunate enough to come in contact with Natural Fit Therapy, and talk to them about my problems, and what I needed to do. We started a physical therapy regimen which helped me to move from the wheelchair to the walker, and then to the cane, and then eventually I was able to walk without any assistance.”

Donald (90’s)

“I couldn’t get my legs to strengthen. They just wouldn’t strengthen up like when we do these calf exercises and everything. It’s just … I mean, it didn’t take long for me to tell the difference from what they were and I was telling my son, I said, ‘That’s the first time that my legs have been strong in several years.’ I said, ‘I didn’t think there was any remedy for it.’”

Robert (60’s)

“I wanted to be taller again. I wanted to be my height again, and I wanted to get out of bed without a backache, and I wanted to just get out of bed without help. Now I just swing my feet off the bed, pop right up, and my back is so much better.”

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