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3 Morning Stretches to Break Up Stiffness

Stiffness tends to creep in overnight as your body shuttles more fluid and nutrients into your joints while you sleep. The best thing to do is to start some gentle movement first thing to circulate fluid and lubricate your joints as soon as you wake up. 

These 3 gentle stretches will help warm-up your low back, hips, knees, and shoulders so you’re ready to tackle your day. 

3 Stretches to Do Each Morning   

Do this 5-minute routine before getting out of bed in the morning to lubricate your joints and relieve those aches:

0:00 Introduction with Dr. Mary
0:20 Exercise #1 – Bent Knee Rocks
1:05 Exercise #2 – Single Knee to Chest
1:47 Exercise #3 – Book Openers

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