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[Back Pain] Nothing is working… I’m tired of the run around!!!!

Is your back pain still keeping you up at night?

Have you been to your Doctor and he/she told you to rest and take pain medication.

If you are like me, taking pain meds is something I would rather avoid. They make me feel loopy and it’s impossible to concentrate when feeling like that.  …

Plus we all know that pain meds are only masking the pain and not identifying the cause.

Maybe your Doctor has sent you for x-rays.  Let me guess… when he first suggested x rays you thought “Ok great…I’m finally going to know what is causing my back pain.”

But the you were disappointed when you went back to your Doctor and nothing showed up on the x ray… or he told you have “arthritis.”

Let me be honest with you… most of us have arthritis of some sort and not all of us have pain…

And again no real answer to what is causing the pain…


From there you may have been referred for injections, or even a consultation with a spinal surgeon.


Well let it be known you are not alone.  We have talked to countless people just like you that are tired, frustrated, and are just looking for answers…

See what Donna has to say…

“Ryan Seifert at Natural Fit Therapy was able to end my sciatica pain when no one else could. After x-rays, meds, exercises and some really poor physical therapy I was blessed to finally get the RIGHT physical therapist. I highly recommend him and will definitely use him in the future.”

Donna, Houston Tx

Luckily Donna was able to find a good back pain specialist Physical therapist before having to be sent for injections or surgery. Now Donna is able to play with her grand-kids and has returned to her daily walking routine, PAIN FREE.

Donna was skeptical at first and went back to her doctor many times hoping he would have an answer to her back pain.  After months of run around she finally called to schedule her free consultation.

If you can relate to Donna’s story and you are tired of the RUN AROUND then I encourage you to Schedule yourself a free no obligation DISCOVERY SESSION.

Come in and we will give you the answers you are looking for.

We will evaluate the cause of your back pain and tell you exactly how long it will take to return you to your active lifestyle.  And it’s absolutely FREE.  After the free consultation if you are happy with the expertise we provide you then we can talk about treatment packages.


Click HERE to request your free discovery session.

Dr. Ryan Seifert - Physical Therapist in Austin, TX

Dr. Ryan Seifert

Natural Fit Physical Therapy

"We Help Adults 50+ Become More Active, Stay Healthy, And Avoid Slowing Down Without Pain Pills, Injections, Or Surgery."



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