Back Pain Severity Assessment Results

Potentially Severe Pain

In order to ease you back pain quickly and return to the life you deserve, (a life without back pain), we recommend you seek immediate attention from a specialist Physical Therapist. (Do you remember what life was like before back pain?) There are many successful treatment options!!!


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Ryan T Seifert DPT

“We help people stay healthy, active and independent… without surgery or pain pills… even if you’ve been told you’re just getting old.”

“Look Who Else Came For Specialist Physical Therapy At Natural Fit Therapy And Left Feeling More ACTIVE, HEALTHY And HAPPY…In Just A Few Short Weeks”!

Laura H. (50’s)

“I had constant shoulder pain that limited me from enjoying life with my grandchildren, moving the mouse on my computer at work, and had to take pain pills daily to get some relief. After only a few treatments with Ryan at Natural Fit Therapy, I was able to get back to life WITHOUT pain or medications! I wish I had done it sooner and it was LITERALLY the best money I’ve spent!”

Sarah M. (40’s)

“I had been seeing a chiropractor for several years for NECK PAIN, but it wasn’t until I came for my evaluation with Ryan at Natural Fit Therapy that I realized I had a mobility and muscle control problems contributing to my problem. I was MISSING OUT on reaching my fitness goals due to these problems, and after going to see RyanI’m now able to participate in yoga, tumbling, and parkour at a higher performance level…and NO LONGER have neck pain!”

Hannah L. (30’s)

“Ryan has been fantastic to work with. He listens intently and pays attentions to how the whole body is functioning, not just the place of pain you are pointing to. He works through every part of the problem from diagnosing, soft tissue work, active release, adjustments, and finding the best exercises to take home and actually work on the problem instead of having you come back over and over. He is beyond thorough and wise and I always leave him feeling a million times better than when I arrived. Highly recommended!”

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