Balance and Fall Prevention


“7 Ways To Improve Your Balance and Prevent Another Fall
... without relying on a walker, cane or a loved one to support you!!!"

Learn 7 tips to improve your balance… even if you’ve had multiple falls or doctor told you nothing could be done to help!

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A Personal Message from Physical Therapist, Ryan Seifert DPT

  • Frustrated with Bad Balance and Wobbly Legs?
  • Have you fallen in the past?
  • Are you afraid of falling?
  • Has your balance become more unsteady?
  • Do your children worry about you falling and/or living independently?
  • Have you started using a cane or walker recently? (Or have been told to... but are resisting?)
  • Are you starting to AVOID activities you love because you feel unsteady and fearful?

7 Tips to Help You Avoid Another Fall and Improve Your Balance

If this sounds like you or a loved one, and you’d like even more information about how to avoid another fall, improve your balance and ultimately improve your ability to enjoy the activities you love, I have even more valuable information I want to share with you today!

Over the last 10 years, I’ve worked with literally hundreds of clients who’ve experienced a fall (or several falls), and I’ve had the opportunity to help them get their lives back. In working with so many patients, I’ve been able to put together all of my best tips and information into a 8-page report titled “7 Ways to Improve Your Balance and Prevent Another Fall… with relying on a walker, cane or a loved one for support”.

Inside this special report, I share detailed information, including some of the following:

  • How to strengthen your ankle, hip and core muscles to keep your muscles strong
  • How to eliminate dizziness by taking a hard look at medications
  • Specific exercises you can perform to improve your strength, flexibility and bone density
  • How to test your 3 Balance Systems to determine the root cause of your balance difficulties

Those are just a few of the points that I discuss in detail inside the report. There’s also a bonus section that explains precisely how to “fall proof” your entire house. Towards the end of the report, I also give you details on how you or a loved one might qualify for a free balance consultation with one of our specially trained physical therapists.

And today, I want to make this report available to you absolutely free of charge! To claim your free copy, simply call my office at (512)730-0231 or click the button below to download your free copy immediately and directly to your computer.

If you’re sick and tired of living in fear of another fall, and you’re finally ready to start taking some positive steps towards regaining your balance and your active lifestyle, the 7 tips in this free report will allow you to start this process with confidence.

Regaining your balance is no easy task, so make sure you claim your free copy of the report today! I hope that various tips and strategies help you get the ball rolling!

It is time for you to get my free tips report on balance and fall prevention. Do this by calling  (512) 730-0231 or by clicking the button below and filling out your details. There are limited copies of this report, so please take action TODAY.


Ryan Seifert, DPT, Leading Physical Therapist in Austin TX

Yes, I Want This Free Report!

“Look Who Else Came For Specialist Physical Therapy At Natural Fit Therapy And Left Feeling More ACTIVE, HEALTHY And HAPPY…In Just A Few Short Weeks”!

Roger (80's)

“I was fortunate enough to come in contact with Natural Fit Therapy, and talk to them about my problems, and what I needed to do. We started a physical therapy regimen which helped me to move from the wheelchair to the walker, and then to the cane, and then eventually I was able to walk without any assistance.”

Donald (90's)

“I couldn't get my legs to strengthen. They just wouldn't strengthen up like when we do these calf exercises and everything. It's just ... I mean, it didn't take long for me to tell the difference from what they were and I was telling my son, I said, ‘That's the first time that my legs have been strong in several years.’ I said, ‘I didn't think there was any remedy for it.’”

Robert (60's)

“I wanted to be taller again. I wanted to be my height again, and I wanted to get out of bed without a backache, and I wanted to just get out of bed without help. Now I just swing my feet off the bed, pop right up, and my back is so much better.”

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