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3 Minute Stretching Routine to Relieve Sciatica Pain

Learn a simple 3-minute stretching routine in our latest blog post that’s tailored to relieve sciatica discomfort. Try these easy exercises designed to target pain and boost flexibility, giving you quick relief. 

In these videos, Dr. Hammans will walk you through each exercise and explain why they’re beneficial. Our aim is to give you the tools and know-how to stay active, healthy, and independent.

Say goodbye to sciatica woes and hello to comfort with these straightforward stretches. Dive in now and feel the difference!

3 Minute Stretching Routine to Relieve Sciatica Pain
By Dr. Colton Hammans

At Natural Fit Therapy, our mission is to help you stay healthy, active, and independent without relying on pain medications, injections, or surgeries.
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Dr. Ryan Seifert

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"We Help Adults 50+ Become More Active, Stay Healthy, And Avoid Slowing Down Without Pain Pills, Injections, Or Surgery."



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