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Rebecca’s Remarkable Progress: Able to get on and off the floor after the Floor Confidence Program

Let us introduce you to Rebecca. She was going through a tough time, struggling with frequent falls that left her feeling discouraged. After joining our Floor Confidence Program, Rebecca’s journey towards regaining stability and confidence began. 

Our team of dedicated therapists worked closely with her, providing guidance, exercises, and encouragement every step of the way. Her success story is a testament to the transformative power of therapy. The Floor Confidence program is designed to help people gain the strength, flexibility, and confidence they need to get on and off the floor with ease.

  • 0:00 Recap 
  • 0:23 Rebecca Guna-Tilaka 
  • 0:30 How you heard about the Floor Confidence Program 
  • 0:56 Why you Joined the Floor Confidence Program
  • 1:53 Starting of the Physical Therapy sessions
  • 2:27 Success you made during the program
  • 3:12 Recommendation for someone who is scared to join the Floor Confidence Program
  • 04:34 Is the investment worth it
  • 04:51 Book a free discovery session

Story of Rebecca Guna-Tilaka

“My name is Rebecca Guna Tilaka, and I’m 70 years old. I’ve had many falls over the years, and it’s always been a challenge for me to get up and down from the floor… I really wanted to be able to look under the bed or to go through papers and other stuff… 

I was so happy I found The Floor Confidence program at Natural Fit Therapy. First couple therapy session were tough. I couldn’t do anything at all, and I felt discouraged. But therapists in Natural Fit Therapy were always so positive and encouraging… 

They were focused on me and my unique needs on how to get up and down from the floor. Their help was invaluable! 

I’m so glad I decided to invest in myself and seek professional help. Their encouragement and expertise helped me achieve my goals little by little… 

So, if you are thinking about the program – go ahead and do it! You will learn something that will help you in many ways. There are many ways though!” 

Remember, if you’re experiencing falls and you’d like more information about a specialized program established for you…

Please Call 512-730-0231 Or click here if you would like to schedule a FREE Discovery Session and get your balance tested!

The Floor Confidence program was designed to help people gain the strength, flexibility, and confidence they need to get on and off the floor with ease.

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Dr. Ryan Seifert

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