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Two Ways to Get Off the Floor

Do you struggle to get up off the floor? 

Are you worried that, if you got down on the floor, you wouldn’t be able to get back up? 

In today’s video, Sarah demonstrates how to get up off the floor – one “traditional” method, and one alternative method – for people with bad knees or limited strength. 

Practicing various ways to get on and off the floor is part of Natural Fit Therapy’s Floor Confidence program.

2 Ways to Get Up Off the Floor 

0:00 Getting On and Off the Floor is a LIFE SKILL
1:38 Let’s Practice
1:56 The “Traditional” Default Method
2:59 An Alternative Method – Army Crawl
3:45 Pros and Cons of Each Method
3:58 The Floor Confidence Program at Natural Fit Therapy
Our 6-week Floor Confidence program was designed to help people gain the strength, flexibility, and confidence they need to get on and off the floor with ease.
Participants work closely with a physical therapist to get comfortable in any position on the floor, learn personalized modifications and strategies to get on and off the floor, and practice exercises specific to their limitations that will maximize their strength and independence.
Contact us for available spots at (512) 730-0231 or inquire online via this form. 

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