Pros and Cons of Knee Injections

Pros and Cons of Injections for Knee Pain

What are the pros and cons of injections for knee pain? Regardless of which injection you’re considering for your knee pain – cortisone, hyaluronic acid, or stem cell treatment – it’s important to know the outcomes to expect. In this video, Ryan talks about the pros and cons of various injections for knee pain and why a lot of injections fail.

Is Arthritis Always to Blame for Knee Pain?

Is Arthritis Always to Blame for Knee Pain?

The answer may surprise you! In this snippet from Natural Fit Therapy’s recent knee pain workshop, Ryan talks about one of the most common myths about arthritis and knee pain (and other natural treatment strategies to try before heading to the doctor for injections or a joint replacement).

Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Your Knee Pain to Just “Go Away”

With the numerous calls I have recently received about one specific type of pain, I thought it was best that I address an injury that many people push to the side– knee pain. Knee pain is one of those injuries that  most people tend to ignore… It usually starts out as nagging pain that doesn’t really stop you from doing …