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Falls Training Program


“How to put an end to worrying about getting hurt when you fall by learning how to land safely."

With one in 5 falls resulting in serious injury, it’s understandable that preventing falls from happening has been the primary focus of traditional balance programs. However, even the best fall prevention program cannot prevent 100% of falls from occurring.  Accidents happen!  

In that moment, it’s important to know how to fall safely and avoid serious injuryThis type of training is called fall preparedness.

Our “Safe Landing” Falls Training Program was designed to retrain your body how to fall safely without getting injured. 

During this program, you will work closely with a physical therapist to learn strategies and exercises that help your body prepare for a fall. You’ll practice controlled falling in multiple directions – forward, backward, and sideways. Participants will start practicing in slow motion from a low level close to the ground and gradually work their way up to faster speeds and full height falls. (on tumbling mats, of course!)


This Program Is Perfect For People Who:


This program is a six week program (1 session per week). Each session lasts 45-60 minutes and will require your physical participation. 

There is an option for 1:1 training with the physical therapist, or taking this program with a partner.

Designed for adults of any age who want to build the critical skill of learning how to fall safely without sustaining an injury.


What is Covered During the "Safe Landing" Falls Training Program:

*This is not an extensive list as each person’s individual needs will vary.

Contact us for available spots at (512) 730-0231 or inquire via email.

*Due to the physical requirements of participating in this program, we will limit participation to only those who can get on and off the floor without assistance from another person. If you don’t meet those requirements, check out our Floor Fitness Program or Physical Therapy first.


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