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“How to put an end to feeling anxious and uncertain, about your ability to safely get on and off the floor."

The ability to get on and off the floor is a vital component of healthy aging because it plays a big role in how much you can enjoy life. A lot happens on the floor! It can also be the determining factor in how long you can safely continue to live at home later in life

Our Floor Confidence program will provide you with the training and strategies you need to restore (or enhance) your ability to get on and off the floor.

The Floor Confidence program was designed to help people gain the strength, flexibility, and confidence they need to get on and off the floor with ease. 

You will work closely with a physical therapist to get comfortable in any position on the floor, learn personalized modifications and strategies to get on and off the floor, and practice exercises specific to your limitations that will maximize your strength and independence.

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This Program Is Perfect For People Who:

This program is a six week program. Each session lasts 45-60 minutes and will require your
physical participation. 

There is an option for 1:1 training with the physical therapist, or taking this program with a partner.

Designed for adults of any age who want to improve their confidence and physical ability with transitioning on and off the floor. 

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What is Covered During the Floor Confidence Program:

*This is not an extensive list as each person’s individual needs will vary.

Contact us for available spots at (512) 730-0231 or inquire via email.


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