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Best Fitness Test After Age 50 I Sitting-to-Rising Test

This is one of the very best fitness tests you can do after age 50 to give you an idea of your general level of flexibility, strength, overall fitness level. 

It’s called the Sitting-to-Rising test. 

If you struggle with this test (or getting on and off the floor in general), Sarah breaks down 3 areas to focus on to improve and boost your general fitness level.

Best Fitness Test After Age 50: The Sitting-to-Rising Test


0:00 Introduction with Dr. Sarah King, PT, DPT

0:42 Sitting-to-Rising Test Demonstration

0:47 Scoring the Sitting-to-Rising Test

2:13 Sitting-to-Rising Test Results by Age

2:36 Why does your score on the Sitting-to-Rising Test matter?

3:04 3 Areas to Focus on to get better on the Sitting-to-Rising Test


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Curious how your Sitting-to-Rising Test score compares with others your age? 

The chart below shows the score distribution for each age range. 

The top chart is for men, and bottom for women. 

Find your age on the left column, and slide over to your score. 

The goal to be in the green (51-75% percentile) or blue (75-99% percentile):  

sitting rising test age reference values

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