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How Occupational Therapy Could Benefit YOU!

Some people think that we’re just physical therapy– but we offer so much more than that! We also offer occupational therapy and speech therapy.

Occupational therapy helps people to develop, recover, or maintain meaningful activities or occupations. It is an important part in the recovery process for people that have had an injury and have to adjust their lifestyle, or people that have always struggled with a certain activity and they want to be more confident in it.

For example: we deal with a lot of people who have balance issues. Physical therapy would help with getting back strength and balance, but occupational therapy would help set up the home so that there are less fall risks, they assist in certain daily activities that are harder or impossible because of injury, and they can help adapt the home to make it easier to get around and live a normal life.

This month, in recognition of  National OT month, we wanted to tell you the three main things OT’s can do for you…

1. They are a vital part of your life: they help prevent falls, which gives family members peace of mind. An OT is someone who is going to make sure that your environment is suited to you so that you can continue to have a happy, independent life!

2. They help you with daily activities that are a struggle: this often includes bathing, dressing, taking medication, and anything that you do on a day-to-day basis that is difficult alone.

3. They help make it easier to live your life by using adaptive techniques in your environment: this includes things like adapting your kitchen so it’s easier for you to reach things, and even changing the contrast on a television if you have vision problems!

Although occupational therapy is something that can go hand-in-hand with physical therapy, it focuses less on actual body movements and exercises, and more on making things easier to live with.

Some occupational therapists can specialize in certain fields; for example, some are certified hand specialists, lymphedema specialists, and the list goes on!

Thank you to our OT’s, Bre’anna and Deanna, for all of your hard work!

If you think your or someone in your life would benefit from occupational therapy, call our clinic at 512-730-0231 and we’ll set you up with the right OT for you!

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