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How to Kneel Again Without Pain (Even if You Have Arthritis or a Knee Replacement)

If you’ve had knee replacements or have knee arthritis, it’s common to wonder how to kneel again without pain.

In fact, a lot of our patients believe they shouldn’t kneel again because it may damage their joints. (Spoiler alert: It won’t!)

Today Dr. Mary will bust this myth and share how what it takes to kneel again without pain.

How to Kneel Again Without Pain:

0:00 Kneeling is one of the biggest challenges for clients with knee pain or replacements

0:55 Kneeling is SAFE and does NOT damage your knees

1:29 Why it’s difficult – Sensitivity, Fear, and Limited knee range of motion

2:38 How to get started kneeling again (aka rehab course)

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