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How to Make Sure You Achieve Your Resolutions for 2021!

2021 is here!

Well, I know sometimes it felt like it would never get here, but we survived! I for one am looking forward to making the absolute most of this new year! I’ve noticed in my many years as a Doctor of Physical Therapy that there’s a noticeable trend every new year (especially when it comes to health)–people set goals, they make plans, and they are really serious about get-ting organized and healthy. Then, the drop off. It happens for a number of reasons, but it happens to many people.

According to Forbes, “approximately 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail”. 80 percent! I’ll be honest, I’ve set resolutions that by the second week were completely broken. I think now more than ever, it’s important to keep those resolutions. There were so many things that happened in 2020 that we couldn’t control, so this year, make sure you’re put-ting your best foot forward and stick to those resolutions! I’m going to give you five ways to make sure that you follow through on your 2021 new years resolutions.

  1. Have an accountability partner. How many times have you told yourself you were going to do something, then never did? There’s a reason some people need things like personal trainers–they need someone to hold them accountable. Michael Jordan doesn’t need a personal trainer to tell him how to play basketball, but he’s human, and accountability when you’re trying to reach your goals is so important! Tell someone your resolutions, then tell them to hold you to them! They need to be firm and check in with you every once in a while, that way they know you’re actually following through! New Year’s resolutions are easier said than done!
  2. Track your progress. Sometimes if you make multiple resolutions, you can forget them! This is why you should also not make too many, and make them reasonable, but make sure you’re tracking your progress for each resolution! The easiest way to do this is to get a journal for your resolutions, then do a monthly check in. Make sure that you stick to this routine, and don’t give yourself an out like “I’m too busy” or “I’ll do it next year”. You won’t! Do it now!!!
  3. Reward yourself. There’s a reason only 20 percent of resolutions are followed through with–it’s not easy! Make sure you’re treating yourself when you reach a goal, or when you complete a resolution! Whether this is small or big, rewards make it easier to get through those resolutions.
  4. Do a half year check-in. Usually by six months after you made your resolutions, you’ll know whether or not they’ll last. Like the gym, or dieting, the first month is always the hardest. Put it on your calendar–June 1st, half-way check in. Make sure you tell your accountability partner this date as well, so they can ask you how it’s going!
  5. Get help. If you’re struggling to fulfill your resolutions, ask for help! There’s no shame in that, we all need it sometimes. Ask a loved one for help, that’s what they’re there for. Is it health related? See a doctor. Or a nutritionist. Or a physical therapist. Whatever kind of help you need! Here at Natural Fit Therapy, our mantra is that “We Help People Stay Active, Healthy and Independent, without Surgery or Pain Pills… Even if You’ve Been Told You’re Just Getting Old!” We like to hold our patients accountable to their goals, as well as our staff!

Are you needing a physical therapist that will hold YOU accountable? Call our office at 512-730-0231 and claim a FREE Discovery Visit with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. This is a 20-30 minute session where you can speak further on what issues you’re having, and how we can help! This is a no pressure session, and after you’ll have a better idea of if we’re a good fit for you to stay healthy, active and independent! New Years resolutions are tough, but nothing says “clean slate” like the new year! 2020 was getting us ready for the best one yet, so make sure you’re making the most of it.

Dr. Ryan Seifert - Physical Therapist in Austin, TX

Dr. Ryan Seifert

Natural Fit Physical Therapy

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