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Are You Worried About Falling and Losing Your Independence? Hear How Mary and Joe Got Their Confidence Back!

Here at Natural Fit Therapy, as always, our mission is to help you stay healthy, active and independent. We know you need to stay strong and confident, now more than ever!

We’ve been getting numerous calls from people struggling to maintain their health. They’re not only physically in pain, but emotionally as well. We all know that physical injury can lead to low self-esteem, stress, and even depression. They’re not getting out anymore because of the Coronavirus, and they think that have no options for help, but they’re wrong! I’m going to tell you a story of a few people who called our clinic saying these exact things.

Take Mary. Mary, a 70-year-old from Cedar Park, called our clinic a few weeks ago. She saw on our website we were offering a free Balance report that contained tips on how to fix your balance issues. She got the report, loved it, but she said her issues weren’t 100 percent resolved. Her balance had gotten so bad that she had already fallen once since the lock-down. She was so afraid of falling again, especially since she lives alone. She wanted help but said there was no way she was coming into the clinic. We couldn’t possibly help her then, right? WRONG! We told Mary if she didn’t want to come into the clinic, we could do Virtual Physical Therapy. We started with a free phone consultation with a physical therapist to see how exactly we could help her and get to know her a little better. Due to Mary being in the high-risk category, she was very happy to hear that we had an option for her to get some help without leaving her home. Mary was skeptical about using technology but was surprised how easy it was to set up. We helped her through each step. Mary is making great improvements with her balance and over all confidence. She was enjoying the sessions so much she even joined our Virtual Wellness Membership, which consists of virtual classes with an instructor and other members focused on balance, strengthening, and mobility. Mary now has a whole community online of people who are just like her- feeling isolated and wanting to stay healthy, active and independent!

Is technology not your thing? Mary and several others have really enjoyed the convenience of our Virtual Physical Therapy, however, we have had many people that just don’t want to deal with the technology.

For example, Joe. Joe is 74-year-old male who has been coming to our clinic since May. He’s always had trouble with stepping on and off curbs and uneven surfaces, but he really noticed his balance decline after the lockdown in March. Even though his golf country club was shut down, he was worried he wouldn’t be able to go play when things started to re-open. He was hesitant about coming into our clinic, but after explaining the laundry list of precautions we are taking and how we are disinfecting after every single patient, he softened to the idea of coming in- what other choice did he have? Joe didn’t have a computer therefore he wasn’t able to do Virtual PT. He was worried if he sat on this balance problem until the virus was over, he’d have another fall and he could lose his independence forever. He came into our clinic the following week and was immediately put at ease with all of the safety measures we are taking. As soon as he opened the door, he said it smelled like a Lysol factory in our clinic! He had an evaluation with Christa, and sure enough he booked out for the next eight weeks. He is now on week six and about to graduate. He told us yesterday that he “should have called you months ago!” Unfortunately Joe’s golf club hasn’t opened back up yet, but he’s back to walking and he knows he’ll be ready to play a round when the time comes!

Virtual Visits or coming into our clinic can sound scary at first, but they’re a no-brainer. What other option do you have? If you’re waiting for this virus to be over, you could be waiting a long time. Medicare has also recently announced it will be covering Virtual PT sessions, so really, what do you have to lose?

You’re already living in fear of the Coronavirus- you shouldn’t live in fear of falling. Book a phone consultation with us today by calling 512-730-0231 so you can start getting back to a healthy, active and independent lifestyle!

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Dr. Ryan Seifert

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