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Strength Training for Seniors: Separating Fact from Fiction on Building Muscle After 60s

If you’ve been reading our monthly newsletters, you know that strength is an important retirement account that we need to invest in. In the December newsletter, we covered how important it is to maintain your strength as you age. Today, we will delve deeper into this topic and discuss how to build muscle as well as debunk common myths and reveal truths about strength training for seniors. 

As we age, it’s natural for our bodies to experience changes in muscle mass, bone density, balance and overall health. That’s why strength training has become an increasingly popular exercise for seniors looking to maintain and improve their physical well-being.  

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your strength training routine to the next level, read on to learn how to achieve optimal physical fitness and health as you age. 

Is it too late to start building strength after age 60?

The answer is – NO! 

In fact, it’s never too late to start strength training and tap into the numerous health benefits that come with it. Research has shown that regular strength training can help seniors maintain and even improve these aspects of their health. Here are some benefits of strength training for older adults: 

  • Builds muscle mass and strength: As we age, we naturally lose muscle mass. Strength training can help maintain and even increase muscle mass and strength. 
  • Improves bone density: Strength training can help improve bone density, which can reduce the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. 
  • Improves balance and reduces falls: Strength training can help improve balance and reduce the risk of falls, which is important for older adults who are at a higher risk of falls and related injuries. 
  • Reduces the risk of chronic diseases: Strength training can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. 

However, it’s important for seniors to work with a qualified trainer or healthcare professional who can design a safe and effective strength training program tailored to their individual needs and abilities. Seniors should also take the time to warm up properly, use proper form and technique, and slowly progress weight. So, it’s never too late to start building strength and leading a healthier and more active lifestyle, even after the 60s. 

Can you really build muscle after age 60?

The answer is – Absolutely! 

Older adults can still make significant gains in muscle mass through strength training with professionals. Here are some important factors to consider when building muscle after age 60: 

  • Consistency: Consistent strength training is key to building muscle at any age, but especially for older adults. Aim for 1 to 3 strength training sessions per week. 
  • Do Aerobic Activity 30 Minutes Per Day – Getting your blood flowing does wonders for your  muscles, balance, and brain health. 
  • Proper form and technique: Using proper form and technique is important to prevent injury and ensure you are targeting the muscles you want to work. 
  • Recovery: Adequate rest and recovery time is important for muscle growth. Make sure to give your muscles time to rest and recover between strength training sessions. 
  • Maintain a balanced diet: The following are some foods that can help seniors build muscle: Protein-rich foods, Whole grains, Fruits and vegetables and Healthy fats! The most important stay hydrated!

If you need help getting started and don’t feel comfortable on your own, one of our physical therapists would be happy to come to see you and help you get started safely. 

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