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“If You Are Someone Who Is Struggling With Joint Pain, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Balance Issues, Or Have Been Diagnosed With Parkinson’s Disease, Then This Is The Place For You.”

Who It’s For

Our In-Home Services are perfect for adults over the age of 50 who are active, either don’t want to leave their home, are unable to leave their home, or prefer the convenience of being seen at home by their Physical Therapist.

Perhaps you just had a stroke and require specialty therapy, or maybe you had total joint replacement surgery and are unable to come in for your physical therapy session, whatever the reason our team is ready to meet you where you’re at (including your home!)

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What Is It Like To Have An In-Home Service?

Our goal at Natural Fit Physical Therapy is for you to have the best all-around experience – not only with your treatment, but with every part of your recovery journey.

The biggest difference between coming to the clinic for your treatment and being treated at-home is that we sit in traffic instead of you! Everything else from your session time down to your specialized treatment is the same.

Your Physical Therapist will bring and set up any equipment necessary for your 60 min treatment session. Regardless of your diagnosis, if you prefer to be treated at home our team of Physical Therapists will make sure your treatment is exactly what you need!

Whether we see you in-clinic or in your home, we want to have time to understand YOUR story, YOUR goals, and YOUR struggles. Our one-on-one home sessions allows you to get the most out of your time with your Physical Therapist.

Call today at (512) 730-0231 to schedule your appointment or click below to inquire about our availability & cost!

Meet The In-Home Service Team

Dr. Katie Ramirez, PT, DPT

Dr. Kristin Shelly, PT, DPT

Erika Goldschen, PTA


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