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Independent Fitness Program

Independent Fitness Program Plans:

1 Time Per Week

  • Best for someone who is motivated and accountable.
  • Great for updating exercise program.
  • Stay on track with your individual program.
  • Not for people that need regular guidance

2 Times Per Week

  • Great continuation after therapy.
  • Maintain gains made during therapy.
  • Most popular program.
  • Maintain mobility and Independence

3 Times Per Week

  • Biggest bang for your Buck
  • Best results for maintaining mobility and independence.
  • Strive for goals of an active lifestyle.
  • Built-in accountability.
Best Price

*the program is out of the pocket, but the cost depends on the level you chose.


If you're ready to sign up for our Independent Fitness Program, talk to your therapist or talk to the front desk or call 512-730-0231!

What is the Independent Fitness Program?

Our Independent Fitness Program is highly individualized and designed just for you by your therapist. 

Once you have graduated from out-patient therapy, this program allows you to continue to work with our professional therapy team to keep moving you in the right direction. 

Exercises will be specifically designed for your particular goals. You can choose to work with your therapist 1, 2, or 3 times per week for 45 min sessions. This is a membership program with easy monthly payments – it’s like a gym membership only better!!

This Program Is Perfect For People Who:

Program Benefits

  • Maintaining the gains you made in therapy sessions!
  • Maintaining the ability to do the things you love! 
  • You’ll also be able to hang out with the fun team at NFT
  • The option of in-person or virtual sessions! 

Why we started this program:

Ryan and our NFT team have helped many patients achieve their goals and graduate from their physical therapy program with the intention to continue working to maintain their balance and strength on their own. However, maintaining the motivation and having the know-how to maintain the gains made in therapy can be difficult. Our team would see patients come back 6 months later with the same problem, a problem that could have been prevented with a guided fitness program.  So we developed our Independent Fitness program, to provide expert instruction from a licensed professional who has been trained to manage the underlying conditions in older adults.  With this program you get a customized and individualized exercise program from a professional who cares about you and wants to motivate you to get EVEN BETTER! 


My favorite part of the program is that you get to work on what YOU want to work on. It’s not a prescribed therapy session. I finished therapy and wasn’t at the point where I felt I could quit [coming to Natural Fit Therapy]. You have somebody pushing you to do the exercises, and that’s a very important part of fitness.”

Don Spencer, Fitness member

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 Our goal at Natural Fit Physical Therapy is to help people stay healthy, active, and independent. 


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