We Are Hiring!

We are currently seeking candidates for the following positions:

Occupational Therapist

Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist Assistant

Speech Therapist

We help people stay healthy, active, and independent . . . without surgery or pain pills . . . even if you’ve been told you’re just getting old!

What Our Staff Says About Working with Natural Fit Therapy

Kathleen, PTA

“Natural Fit Therapy is a great place to work . . . I really love that it is family-owned by PTs. I feel like they understand what it takes to be a clinician and do not place unrealistic expectations on the staff. Don’t get me wrong we work hard but we have a great team with none of the corporate BS that takes place at big companies.”

Anna, PT

“What I love most about Natural Fit Therapy is the patients. I really enjoy working with the older population. . . they are so appreciative to the help we are giving them. It is such a great feeling to help them get back to doing the things that they want to do. I’m excited about the new wellness programs we are developing to help keep these awesome patients active and independent.”

Hannah, SLP

“Ryan has been fantastic to work with. He listens intently and pays attention to how the whole body is functioning, not just the place of pain you are pointing to. He works through every part of the problem from diagnosing, soft tissue work, active release, adjustments, and finding the best exercises to take home and actually work on the problem instead of having you come back over and over. He is beyond thorough and wise and I always leave him feeling a million times better than when I arrived. Highly recommended!”