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3 Reason Why Exercise is Good for Arthritis

Today In this video we will explain why exercise is good for those people dealing with osteoarthritis. The notion that exercising with arthritis is safe and beneficial might surprise many. We often hear stories from our clients who have either recently been diagnosed or have been living with this condition for an extended period. They’ve received information such as having significant wear and tear, degenerated cartilage, or even a bone-on-bone situation… But exercise doesn’t actually increase arthritis!

3 reason why exercise is good for arthritis - Explained By Ryan Seifert

  1. 0:00 Exercise doesn’t actually increase arthritis! 
  2. 0:16 Three reason why exercise is good for arthritis
  3. 01:24 Reason 1 – Exercise can make your Cartilage Stronger
  4. 03:39 Reason 2 – Exercise Helps bring a good healing fluid to your Cartridge
  5. 05:42 Reason 3 – Exercise is the Best Way to Strengthen Muscles
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