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“5 Easy Tips...To Help Reduce NECK PAIN and Headaches...Without Painkillers, Injections, Or Surgery!!!”

Learn 5 easy tips to help reduce neck pain… even if you’ve suffered for months or years and your doctor told you nothing could be done to help!

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A Personal Message from Physical Therapist, Ryan Seifert DPT

THIS REPORT is for the person who thinks that their neck or shoulder pain is something they have to live with and just deal with as a way of life.


I am talking about that sharp pain in your neck with certain movements like looking up into the sky or turning your head to check your blind spot. The sharp pain that stops you in your tracks and limits you from enjoying life. Or that dull ache… that annoying or sometimes excruciating dull ache that travels down into your shoulders and upper back. The neck and headache that limits your ability to concentrate on your daily tasks. This pain often leaves you wondering what to do…

You may feel your only options are to stop all activity, reach for the painkillers, or consider surgery. I’ll tell you now that If you’re suffering with DAILY, ANNOYING and NAGGING Pain in your Neck and Shoulder area, the first thing I want you to know is that I am familiar with your problem. I hear concerns like this all the time with people in my clinic and I know you are looking for the right place for a solution to end your suffering fast…. And Without pain killers injections or surgery.

Are you waking up with pain and grabbing the pain pills to manage your pain? The truth is painkillers or pain pills are not good for your stomach, kidneys or liver. Not to mention the other side effects of constipation, nausea, or lightheadedness. They can provide temporary relief but do not address the cause of your back pain.  So unless you plan to take pain killers for the rest of your life and risk the long term health risk I suggest you keep reading.

For the last 8 years a Physical Therapist I am saddened and frustrated with the number of people I find that are suffering from neck pain longer than they should…who have tried almost everything including rest, painkillers or massage without relief. Many of which are considering surgery as they are so desperate to find a solution.  So I created this FREE REPORT titled…

 “5 Easy Tips…To Help Reduce NECK PAIN and Headaches…Without Painkillers, Injections, Or Surgery!!!”

This report is for those suffering with neck and shoulder pain or those suffering with headaches who are wanting to make a change starting today.  No more lying around on the couch hoping it will magically get better. No more sitting on the sidelines while the rest of your family enjoys playing the kids or grandkids outside. No more just hoping it will go away on its own.

I can’t promise that if you do these 5 things your back pain will be completely cured nor can I promise you that what’s worked for most of my clients for the past 8 years will work for you. However, reading the report will be more productive than spending another day “hoping it will go away,” or accepting “that you are just getting old”, or worse, masking the pain with painkillers.

Do you feel that you are slowing down, getting old, or worried about losing your independence then this FREE REPORT is for you.

Be Very Wary Of Taking GENERAL Advice…
“It’s NOT Your AGE And You Do Not Have To Accept It”…

And despite what your friends and family and maybe even your Doctor might tell you – this is unlikely to have anything to do with your age. And you do not have to just have to accept it. It’s sad, but true… but so many doctors and nurse practitioners fail to recognize the warning signs or know what to do other than give pain medication for Neck and Shoulder Pain and FAIL to act before “Nagging and Annoying”… turns SEVERE and PAINFUL.

This type of thing can get worse quick… and is sure to happen if it’s just masked with painkillers. And you won’t need me to remind you that life would be even more difficult if you’re suffering with the severe headaches and intense pain that so often comes along as a consequence of your real, underlying problem, being ignored.

You can’t risk not downloading this free report to find a solution to your annoying and frustrating neck pain.

It is time for you to get my free tips report on neck pain. Do this by calling  (512) 730-0231 or by clicking the button below and filling out your details. There are limited copies of this report, so please take action TODAY.


Ryan Seifert, DPT, Leading Physical Therapist in Austin TX



Yes, I Want This Free Report!

“Look Who Else Came For Specialist Physical Therapy At Natural Fit Therapy And Left Feeling More ACTIVE, HEALTHY And HAPPY…In Just A Few Short Weeks”!

Roger (80's)

“I was fortunate enough to come in contact with Natural Fit Therapy, and talk to them about my problems, and what I needed to do. We started a physical therapy regimen which helped me to move from the wheelchair to the walker, and then to the cane, and then eventually I was able to walk without any assistance.”

Donald (90's)

“I couldn't get my legs to strengthen. They just wouldn't strengthen up like when we do these calf exercises and everything. It's just ... I mean, it didn't take long for me to tell the difference from what they were and I was telling my son, I said, ‘That's the first time that my legs have been strong in several years.’ I said, ‘I didn't think there was any remedy for it.’”

Robert (60's)

“I wanted to be taller again. I wanted to be my height again, and I wanted to get out of bed without a backache, and I wanted to just get out of bed without help. Now I just swing my feet off the bed, pop right up, and my back is so much better.”

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