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7 Tips to find relief from nagging neck pain and headaches

Are you tired of dealing with nagging neck pain that interferes with your daily activities? We understand the impact it can have on your life, which is why we’re here to provide you with seven practical tips to help alleviate your neck pain and regain control of your well-being. 

1. Ice and Heat Therapy:

Try ice for new injuries + heat for pain that’s lasted 2+ weeks. 

Our experience in the clinic tells us that ice is a better choice for new injuries and heat is better for neck pain and stiffness that’s been around a while. 

  • Aim for 20 minutes 2-3 times per day. 
  • Recommended: Ice pack – Chatanooga CoolPac (10.25 x 13 inches) And Warm heating pad – MightyBliss Electric Heating Pad 

2. DON’T stop moving, but DO Avoid aggravating activities

  • Movement lubricates your joints, so when you stop moving your body is no longer able to flush out toxins and fluid that accumulates in the knee joint. 
  • If you spend long hours at a computer, take regular breaks to stretch and move around. Avoid staying in one position for too long as it can contribute to muscle tension. Practice relative rest, listening to your symptoms and avoiding positions that cause pain. 
  • Find gentle, pain-free, low-impact aerobic exercise like walking. 
  • Avoid aggravating activities like cycling or driving for long periods. 

Each person we have treated for sciatica has had a unique medical history, cultural background, and a distinct set of symptoms. These symptoms vary in terms of their location, intensity of pain, and the specific activities that worsen or alleviate their symptoms. It highlights the individualized nature of sciatica and the importance of tailoring treatment plans to address each person’s specific needs.

3. Maintain Good Posture:

Whether you’re sitting at a desk, reading a book, or driving, practicing good posture is essential. Keep your shoulders back, shoulder blades gently drawn towards your opposite back pockets, sit up tall, and slightly tuck your chin. These adjustments promote proper spinal alignment and reduce strain on your neck muscles and joints. 

4. Choose the Right Pillow:

Your pillow can significantly affect your neck position while sleeping. Opt for a pillow that supports proper spinal alignment, allowing your neck to stay straight when lying on your back or aligning your nose with the center of your body when sleeping on your side. 

5. Stretch Your Neck Muscles:

Perform gentle stretches to alleviate muscle spasms and improve flexibility. Consult a physical therapist to determine the right stretches for your specific condition and receive expert guidance. 

6. Use oral or topical NSAIDs for inflammation

  • Flare-ups usually indicate the joint, muscle, or nerve is inflamed. 
  • Research shows over the counter NSAIDs (like ibuprofen) are effective at decreasing pain and improving function. 
  • Take it as recommended, unless you have medical conditions where NSAIDs are contraindicated. 

7. Book a session with a physical therapist

  • We believe this is truly the most powerful step you can take. 
  • We’ve seen that the longer the pain goes untreated, the more inflammation will build, and the more long-term damage will be done to your spine (even if the pain is mild). 
  • A physical therapist will listen to your situation, your injury history (if you have one), and guide you through a customized treatment program that will fast-track you to pain-free living. 
  • During a flare-up, a PT may be able to do soft-tissue mobilization, gentle range of motion exercises, stretches, and strengthening exercises that can give you immediate and long-lasting relief. 
  • It’s important that you see a PT 1-on-1 for the duration of your treatment to ensure you’re getting the highest quality care. We are proud to say that Natural Fit Therapy offers this type of personalized, 1-on-1 care to all of our clients! 

Remember, these tips are meant to provide general guidance, and it’s crucial to consult with a Physical Therapy Neck Pain Specialist for a thorough evaluation and personalized treatment plan. At Natural Fit Therapy, our dedicated professionals offer hands-on treatment to reduce muscle spasms, restore joint mobility, and strengthen muscles, helping you regain a life free from neck pain.

So, if you’re looking to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle in your senior years, consider incorporating strength training into your daily routine! We offer free Discovery Visit Consultations where you can meet with one of our Physical Therapists who specialize in strength training and learn more about how we might be able to help!  Or Call today at (512) 730-0231 !

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Dr. Ryan Seifert

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