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Gain control over your life – fight back your Parkinson’s symptoms

  1. Have you or your loved one been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease?
  2. Are you worried about your symptoms progressing and how medication seems to be the only way to manage your symptoms?
  3. Are you fearful or anxious about what the future will look like as your symptoms progress?
  4. Are you still looking for a long-term solution to help you move better, feel more energized, and take control of your future?

My name is Ryan Seifert – A physical therapist at Natural Fit Therapy here in Austin Texas. 

Whether you’ve suffered from Parkinson’s for a few weeks, months, or years — we have treated many people just like you. We understand how frustrating it is to not get straight answers from doctors being told that you’ll just have to learn how to live with Parkinson’s. If that’s happening to you, you’re definitely not alone. 

Check the video below where I’m talking about how to fight back your Parkinson’s symptoms. And how we can help you to create A Treatment Plan Unique To Your Needs!

How to Gain control over your life and How to fight back your Parkinson’s symptoms. 

0:00 How Can I gain Back Control Over my life? 

03:04 What is LSVT program? And Is it Focus on Neurological or Physical conditions?

05:36 Importance of being Consistence with Parkinson’s program 

06:22 Why is the one-on-one therapy sessions important and what are benefits? 

07:29 Who is this program for? 

07:59 When you should join the program? 

Lean more about our Parkinson’s program: https://naturalfittherapy.com/parkinsons-disease-treatment-nw-austin/


Here is what you need to do if you struggling with Parkinson’s symptom: 

Natural Fit Therapy PWR Certified physical therapists have several years of experience working exclusively with people diagnosed with Parkinson’s.
Dr. Ryan Seifert - Physical Therapist in Austin, TX

Dr. Ryan Seifert

Natural Fit Physical Therapy

"We Help Adults 50+ Become More Active, Stay Healthy, And Avoid Slowing Down Without Pain Pills, Injections, Or Surgery."



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