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Strengthening Exercises to Protect Your Knees

Whether your knees have just started to ache or you’ve been diagnosed with full-blown osteoarthritis, it is going to be crucial to start protecting your knees at all cost. Research shows that one of the best things you can do for knee arthritis is strength training. Today Dr. Sarah King, PT, DPT shares 5 strengthening exercise you can use to start protecting your knees for the long-run.

5 Strengthening Exercises

0:00 How to use these exercises (Listen before you try the exercises!)

1:36 Exercise #1 – Heel Elevated Squats

4:01 Exercise #2 – Reverse Step-Ups

5:51 Exercise #3 – High Lunge

7:56 Exercise #4 – The Deadlift

10:58 Exercise #5 – Split Leg Knee Driver

14:55 Natural Fit Therapy as your partner in arthritis strength training!

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