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Barbara’s journey from shoulder replacement to full recovery

Barbara was not able to let her shoulder pain get in the way of her full and active lifestyle, so she bravely underwent a total shoulder replacement and chose Natural Fit Therapy to help her with her recovery. Starting therapy she could barely lift her arm, and at graduation she can carry her own groceries, clean the house, do laundry, all pain-free. She is a pure embodiment of what is possible when you work hard towards your goals. Congratulations, Barbara! We’re so proud of you!

0:00 Restoring “Normal” After Total Shoulder Replacement; 

0:40 Why did Barbara decided to come to Natural Fit Therapy; 

2:20 Experience at the NFT office; 

3:30 Result of working with Physical therapist; 

4:18 Recommendations for people who have joint pain or balance issues;

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Dr. Ryan Seifert - Physical Therapist in Austin, TX

Dr. Ryan Seifert

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