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Bone-on-Bone Arthritis – Does Exercise Help or Hurt?

Does exercise help or hurt bone on bone arthritis? 

If exercise is good, why does it hurt so much? 

Can physical therapy help bone on bone arthritis? 

Natural Fit physical therapist Dr. Mary covers all these questions in this “Ask the Therapist” video.

Does Exercise Help or Hurt Bone-on-Bone Arthritis?

0:00 Introduction with Dr. Mary Arnold

0:53 What does it mean to have bone on bone arthritis?

2:17 What contributes to the pain with bone on bone arthritis?

3:20 Severity of arthritis isn’t what’s causing the biggest issue

4:21 Is it safe to exercise with bone on bone arthritis? (MUST HEAR!)

4:58 What dictates physical therapy treatment for bone on bone arthritis?

6:45 The #1 management strategy for bone on bone arthritis

8:30 If you’ve been diagnosed with bone on bone arthritis, come by Natural Fit Therapy for a free Discovery Visit to discuss your individualized treatment approach

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