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Does Exercise Make Arthritis Worse?

A common question we get at Natural Fit Therapy is about exercise and how it impacts arthritis. Does exercise make arthritis worse? Is exercise wearing out my joints? Sometimes it can be confusing to hear that you need to exercise if you have arthritis, but exercising hurts. In today’s #askthetherapist video, Dr. Mary explains what actually makes arthritis worse, how exercise affects arthritic joints, and how to approach exercise if you have osteoarthritis in your joints.

Does Exercise Make Arthritis Worse?

0:00 What the research has found makes osteoarthritis worse

2:40 People who have arthritis usually have high levels of inflammation

3:42 Correlation between adiposity in the abdominal area and increased arthritis risk

5:24 Does exercise help with arthritis and arthritis pain? If you have painful joints, Natural Fit Therapy can help!

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