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Learning How to Fall Safely

All adults, aged 65 and over, are at risk for a fall with 1 in 5 falls resulting in serious injury (such as hip fracture and brain injury). Death from falls has risen by 30% in the last decade and fall-related injuries can have significant consequences including loss of independence and decline in activity. 

Unfortunately, even the best balance training program won’t prevent 100% of falls. Accidents happen! 

This is why no balance training program is complete without learning the skill of how to fall in a way that avoids serious injury.

In today’s video, Sarah talks about the difference between fall prevention and fall preparedness. She also shares the 4 most common mistakes she sees clients make when they fall that are the most likely to cause injury.

Learning How to Fall Without Getting Injured

0:00 Learning how to fall is often missing in traditional balance programs

0:38 No balance program will prevent 100% of falls

1:13 Seat Belt Analogy

2:22 Mistake #1 – Falling On an OutStretched Hand (FOOSH)

2:58 Mistake #2 – Landing on Bony Body Parts

3:33 Mistake #3 – Not Protecting Your Head

3:49 Mistake #4 – Not Practicing

4:50 Natural Fit Therapy’s 6-Week Falls Training Program (“Safe Landing”)

Our 6-week Falls Training “Safe Landing” program was designed to help people learn how to fall safely without getting hurt.
Participants work closely with a physical therapist to decrease their fear of the floor, learn personalized modifications and strategies to fall with more grace, and practice exercises specific to their limitations that will improve their fall mechanics to prevent injury.
Contact us for available spots at (512) 730-0231 or inquire online via this form. 
Learn more about the Falls Training “Safe Landing” Program here.

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