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How does physical therapy help with arthritis pain? 

Are you considering going to physical therapy to help with arthritis pain? Can it help? What kinds of things do you do in therapy to help improve pain and get your life back? In this week’s #askthetherapist video, Dr. Mary Arnold, PT, DPT explains how a physical therapist may work with you approaching your arthritis pain.

Arthritis Pain.. Does Therapy Help?

0:00 Why people usually come to therapy for arthritis pain

0:47 Arthritis is a normal process of aging (not a “disease” to be cured)

1:44 Pain is a puzzle (not a photograph)

2:43 Therapy focuses on the pieces of the puzzle we can control (joint mobility, flexibility, strength, body’s inflammation, etc.)

3:42 The Physical Therapy Assessment for Arthritis (some key indicators of arthritis pain)

6:12 Physical therapy and exercise is one of the #1 ways to improve arthritis pain for the long-run

Ready to start building an effective Arthritis Treatment Program?

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Arthritis Slowing You Down?

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