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Why Out of Network?!?!


The simplest way to describe why we are out of network with all insurances is, being out of network allows us to give better care to our patients resulting in better outcomes and faster results.  Let us explain.  Currently most PT clinics in Austin and around the country are in-network with insurance companies. They have accepted a rate of payment which has ultimately been determined by the insurance company.  These rates have slowly declined over the last 10 years.  This has caused many clinics to close their doors, or in order to survive, they have been forced to treat multiple patients at one time or significantly reduced the time of their treatment sessions.  At most Insurance based clinics you will only see your Physical Therapist for 10-20min and then be asked to perform an exercise program by yourself or with another staff member whom is not a trained Physical Therapist. In some clinics you might spend the entire session with you Physical Therapist as he/she tries to manage you along with 2,3, or sometimes 4  others patients at the SAME TIME!!!

By being out of network with insurances we are able to spend a whole hour, 1 on 1, with a Doctor of Physical Therapy and never be passed off to an unlicensed staff member.  Since we are able to provide 1 on 1 hands on care for a full 1 hour sessions with more individualized treatment you will need less total visits and therefore in some cases less overall cost.



For those of you (like me) that need to crunch the numbers first… I have saved you some time.  See the example below to see how receiving care at Outcomes Physical Therapy can save you money in the long run.

For example let’s assume you have a $30 copay for an in network physical therapy visit and are seen 3 times per week, you will spend $90/week in copays. Most in-network clinics average 2-3x visits per week for 8 weeks of treatment resulting in a total $720.   At Natural Fit Therapy we average 1-2 treatments per week for 4-6 weeks with a total cost of $1000-$1500. Now if you have Out of Network Physical therapy benefits you may be eligible for partial reimbursement between 50% and 75% bringing the overall cost down to $250-$750. At Natural Fit Therapy we will provide you with all necessary paperwork to submit a self claim to your insurance company to receive reimbursement for PT services depending on your out of network insurance benefits. That isn’t even considering all the time you save by having 1 treatment session a week vs. 3 per week.


Do you have a high deductible health insurance plan?

Many people are opting for high deductible plans in order to keep premiums down.  If this is you then using an out of network PT clinic such as Natural Therapy is almost guaranteed to save you money.  When you have a high deductible plan even if you go to an in-network PT clinic (with inferior care) you will be responsible for all of the billed services until your deductible is reached.  It varies by insurances and clinics but I can assure you it will be much higher than your copay and in most cases more than  $150 per visit.


At Natural Fit Therapy our Doctorally Trained Physical Therapists have advanced training in orthopedics and manual therapy.  We provide 1 on 1 hands on care for full one hour sessions.  At other Rehab facilities including chiropractic and other physical therapy clinics you are lucky to receive 15 minutes with a licensed professional. Our non-traditional treatment approach identifies the source of symptoms as well as treating the cause resulting in faster recovery and reduced chance of reinjury. We are not your typical Physical Therapy clinic that gives you basic nonfunctional exercises that you can perform on your own while they count the repetitions– BORING AND NOT EFFECTIVE! We promise to get you back doing the things you love as fast as possible.

Dr. Ryan Seifert - Physical Therapist in Austin, TX

Dr. Ryan Seifert

Natural Fit Physical Therapy

"We Help Adults 50+ Become More Active, Stay Healthy, And Avoid Slowing Down Without Pain Pills, Injections, Or Surgery."



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