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Alexandra Lee

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Alyson Read

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Angela Hall Bio

Angela Hall

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Chris Winkley

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Deanna Gonzalez

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Angela e1657919693735

Angel Hall, PTA

Angela grew up in Kountze, Texas. She went to PTA school in Kilgore and has been a PTA for almost 10 years. She chose this profession because she wanted to have a career where she could truly help people. She loves treating patients that are motivated to improve their health. When she’s not working, she loves to read, hike, and spend time with her family. A common misconception she hears about PTAs is that it stands for Parent Teacher Association! She’s heard this so many times. At the end of the day, her advice to people wanting to be active again is to just get up and move! 

Erika G e1657919746964

Erika Goldschen, PTA

Erika graduated from MATC and is certified as both a CPT and CBT.

After having numerous injuries and seeing how great Physical Therapy worked for her, Erika decided to learn more about the body and how to help others live their best life. Erika enjoys spending her time hiking and kayaking with her husband, and their dog, Emma.

Gina A Bio

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Jessica Rattray

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Katie e1657919889589

Dr. Katie Ramirez, DPT

Katie received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from LSU Health New Orleans. She grew up dancing from a young age, which is where her passion for human movement began. Katie ended up choosing to pursue Physical Therapy because she felt like it would combine several of her passions: human movement, human anatomy, teaching, and helping others.

Katie loves being active and spending time outdoors. You can find her on the weekends hiking the beautiful Austin trails or listening to live music with her family and friends.

Kathleen e1657919957625

Kathleen Swann, PTA

Kathleen graduated from the Austin Community College Physical Therapy Assistant program in 2015. She stumbled into her love for physical therapy and realized having a job where she can help people feel better and stay active was perfect for her.

Originally from Vancouver, WA Kathleen now enjoys spending her weekend soaking up the Austin sunshine while going on a hike or walk with her husband and son.

Kristin e1657919977255

Dr. Kristin Shelly, PT, DPT

Kristin received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Colorado Denver. Kristin’s undergrad professor was an athlete PT and set her on the path to pursue Physical Therapy after she witnessed how passionate he was about his career.

Kristin worked as a Physical Therapy tech for a couple years in an outpatient clinic and knew that becoming a Physical Therapist was the path she was meant to follow. Kristin enjoys spending time with family and friends and chasing around her active toddler!

Laura Seifert Bio

Dr. Laura Seifert, PT, DPT

Laura holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Chapman University and is an LSVT Big Certified Therapist. She is passionate about working with patients who have neurological challenges like stroke, Parkinson’s, MS, and spinal cord injuries. She is currently a full-blown boy mom with 3 boys under 6 years old. On the weekends you can find her and Ryan taking the boys to baseball and soccer practice, hanging out with friends, going for walks, and doing projects around their home.
Lori G Bio

Lori Baron Goehring, PT, MHS

Lori received her BS in Physical Therapy from Ohio State University and then went on to receive her Masters in Health Science from the University of Indianapolis. She is also a certified ACE Health Coach. Lori was inspired to become a Physical Therapist because she loves being active and teaching people about how their body functions.

While Lori loves to travel, her favorite way to spend the weekends is spending time with her family and their two dogs, Rosie and Penny, and their cat, Gwen.

Mary Davis Bio

Mary (Davis) Wooten, PTA

Mary graduated from Del Mar College Physical Therapy Assistant program where she was top of her class. She decided to pursue Physical Therapy after her grandfather suffered a stroke. This ignited her desire to become a Physical Therapist and help others regain the daily functions and life they once had.

Mary enjoys running, hiking, and spending time with her husband, Christopher.

Patty e1657920013495

Patty Lefrak, PTA

Patty graduated from Collin University and received her APTA Certification as a Clinical Instructor. Her experience with working with disabled adults as part of her certification solidified her love for Physical Therapy.

Though originally from New York, Patty considers herself a true Texan after years of living in Texas, despite the yankee accent she can’t seem to shake. Patty enjoys spending time with her children and her granddaughters.

Sarah e1657920045747

Dr. Sarah King, PT, DPT

Sarah King received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Texas State University and is also a PWR! Certified Therapist.

Sarah founded and ran her own Physical Therapy practice for people diagnosed with Parkinson’s from 2015-2019. She then joined the Natural Fit team and is very passionate about giving all people with Parkinson’s a feeling of empowerment immediately after they’re diagnosed. The idea of preventing the devastating effects of Parkinson’s and giving people back the feeling of control over their destiny is her biggest motivator.

Sarah can be found spending her weekend playing soccer, hiking the Greenbelt, or swimming at Barton Springs with her husband Matt, and their son.


Shasten Mason

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Stephanie Walling

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