“Are You Living With, OR Worried About, Someone Suffering With Chronic Back Pain?” 

Virtual Back Pain and Sciatica Workshop Reveals How to Naturally Heal Back Pain and Sciatica.... Without Taking Medication or Facing Dangerous Surgery!

With Dr. Ryan Seifert, PT, DPT, Back Pain and Sciatica Expert

Thursday, January 28th, 2021 @

4:00 PM CST

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Who Is This Workshop For?

Someone who...

  • Suffers with back pain or leg pain when they stand or walk
  • Has pain when they sit for long periods or drive
  • Experiences pain, numbness or tingling into their butt, groin or down their leg 
  • Whose back "goes out" if they move the wrong way
  • Is afraid their pain will get worse if they don't do anything about it

What Will I Learn in This Workshop?

  • The 5 urgent coping strategies every back-pain sufferer must never forget when back pain strikes!! 
  • Why 50-53% of people make their own back pain WORSE by doing just this one thing wrong! 
  • The 3 things you can do if you're hoping to avoid surgery that'll cost you nothing. 
  • The most successful treatment for low back pain that doesn't involve any drugs, chiropractic or surgery! 

How Do I Sign Up?

Since this is a popular workshop and space is limited, we do require a very short application process to sign up- don't worry! It's just to make sure that this is the right workshop for you. Click any of the buttons above or below to apply to attend this virtual workshop. This will notify one of our representatives that you're interested, and we will reach out to you within 24 hours to have a quick chat and get you registered! You must speak to a representative before being registered for this workshop- filling out the form on this webpage does NOT secure you a spot, that comes after you have been contacted. If you have any questions or are at all confused about this process, please, don't hesitate to call our clinic at 512-730-0231.

How Much Does This Virtual Workshop Cost?

Absolutely NOTHING! This is a free workshop, designed to introduce you to what we do, and how we can help! We know that people are having more health issues due to the lack of activity, and and also are feeling more isolated and lonely! We want this to be a fun, yet informative, virtual workshop that lets you connect from wherever you are! Admission is free, all we want is just to get to know you better!

What Exactly is a "Virtual" Workshop?

Since we're trying to do everything we can to keep our community safe, instead of hosting this workshop at our clinic, we now have the opportunity to host it online! We use Zoom, which is very similar to Skype or FaceTime. It's very easy to use, and allows us to connect to you safely, from the comfort of your own home! After you apply for this virtual workshop, we review your application, and register you after a few questions to make sure this is the right workshop for you. You will also receive a Zoom tutorial email! This will give you several videos tutorials on Zoom, and if you're still confused after that (most people aren't since it's so easy!) then be sure to give our clinic a call, and our Zoom tech experts will help you!

...still not convinced you can handle Zoom?

Hear what some of our patients are saying about using Zoom for our Group Virtual Wellness Membership exercise classes!

Ray Hodson, a previous patient and current wellness member, was a little skeptical at first about using Zoom to get stronger and healthier during the pandemic- we understand, so many people are! We have learned a lot about Zoom as well, and assured Ray that we would take him through every step, and that he could always call us if he had any trouble. When we started classes for the virtual wellness program, people were shocked at how easy it was to learn Zoom! All you have to do is click a link, and you're in! Here's what Ray had to say about using Zoom for his Group Virtual Wellness Membership classes...

"Just try it. It’s not that hard, and you’ll feel better. Even after this current COVID-19 thing is over, I think that it would be worthwhile to continue the remote aspect.”

- Ray Hodson

We have clocked in over 50 hours in the clinic of Zoom technical support for Virtual Physical Therapy appointments, our Group Virtual Wellness Membership classes, and even our free Austin Health Experts Virtual Happy Hour! There is no need to be nervous, if you have any technical worries, let our Zoom tech experts put you at ease!

Can you open your email and click and link? Then you know how to use Zoom! It's THAT easy.

About the Speaker...

Ryan Seifert is a well-known Physical Therapist in Austin, TX and is Owner of Natural Fit Therapy, one of the fastest growing wellness companies in North Austin. Ryan and his team specialize in helping people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s+ who want to stay healthy, active, and independent.

Ryan is a former college athlete and a leading pitcher for his University of Redlands baseball team. After his time at Redlands he went on to graduate school to earn his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Chapman University in Orange, California.

Ryan is happily married to Laura Seifert (also a Doctor of Physical Therapy) and enjoys spending time with his 2 sons: Nathan (4), Caleb (1).

Ryan specializes in treatment of low back pain for all ages and balance and fall prevention for older adults. He has worked with hundreds of people and is a balance expert! This topic is one of his passions, and he's excited to share his knowledge with anyone who is struggling with their balance and wants to maintain or regain their independence!

Hear How We've Helped Hundreds of People with Their Back Pain and Sciatica Problems!

Name: Robert

Age: 60s

Case: Back Pain and Parkinson's

Hear Robert's Story...

"I began to do rock steady boxing for Parkinson's, and when I say boxing, I mean we actually engage the pads that somebody else is wearing, and the bags, the heavy bags and small bags. We never hit each other. It's non-combat boxing. I enjoyed that, but it wasn't quite enough. I had severe back pain because I'm six foot four, six foot five, somewhere in that area, and I had to bend over and hit most of the bags. After half a session, which went for an hour and forty-five minutes, I was feeling like my back was killing me."

What did you enjoy most about working with us?

"Natural Fit Therapy has some of the greatest people in the world... every one of them, are just so great, and they are so positive, and they are happy to see you and happy to help you."

What was the #1 thing you wanted to achieve by working with us? Did you achieve it?

"Yes, I achieved it. I wanted to be taller again. I wanted to be my height again, and I wanted to get out of bed without a backache, and I wanted to just get out of bed without help. By help, I mean the dog or something else I could grab hold of. And, now I just swing my feet off the bed, pop right up, and my back is so much better."

What's the Catch???

There is none! We know that sometimes free events can feel like high pressure time share sales pitch, or like they are going to make you pay for it in the end! This virtual workshop is purely for education and fun! Like we said, it's not cost, and it's non-committal. We want to share with you tips and tricks to help, as well as how our Natural Fit Therapy team can help you stay healthy, active and independent- should you be interested in working with us!